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© Herby Joseph

© Herby Joseph


My name is Lucie, I am 29 years old and I come from the south-west of France. Sports have always been a part of my life, and I have always been eager to discover new disciplines. I have tried a lot of different sports at school and in clubs, such as ballet, basketball and boxing. Therefore, sport and fitness have been in my daily life since I was a kid. Over time, they became an integral part of who I am and my lifestyle.

Today, I am a fitness trainer, indoor cycling and yoga instructor, and influencer.

On a daily basis, I work with people to empower them through body and mind practices to start doing what they have always been wanting to do and reach their goal.
Ultimately, I want people to find a better balance in their life, and just feel better about themselves. 

I teach indoor cycling and yoga classes, lead trainings during events for brands or places, and I am the co-founder of an empowering event bringing people together around training and creativity, addressing relevant topics to my generation.

I speak 3 languages and I have a background in marketing and communication, and have a master’s degree in International Business Strategy from a French business school. I love traveling, and I go to the USA several times a year, where I find my inspiration and connect with other fitness/wellness pros.

 I also do fitness modeling.


I am a NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer.

The organization’s certification requires the most comprehensive knowledge of human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, as well as functional assessment and program design.

The NASM Personal Trainer Certification program is the world leader in fitness Certification, Education and Performance and is the first one responding to the European quality requirements (EQF). I am also a member of the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) level 4 (Personal Trainer), and therefore competent and qualified in all Europe.

In 2017, I passed my level 1 certification for kettlebell training. This certification is issued by Kettlebell Athletics.

In 2018, I passed two AFAA certifications: Yoga Essentials I & II, validating my theoretical and practical knowledges to teach yoga classes.

In June 2019, I got my cupping therapy & massage certification. I have been using this method on myself for years to prevent and treat injuries, improve the recovery process after exercising and optimize my body physiological system.


My motivational message

I am creating content for a purpose : to connect with people and deliver my message. I actually want to inspire people to have a better life, being active, love themselves and show their strength.

I personally used and still use fitness to overcome obstacles in my life, therefore I want to coach people how to use fitness as a coping strategy to overcome their barriers in life. I am also challenging myself and my body on a daily basis.

Motivating people around the world and connecting with people sharing the same athletic values and mindset has been the purpose of what I do.

My very first goal is to remain committed to bringing the benefits of a fitness lifestyle to the general public.




“Understand why you do it, and make it your lifestyle !"

I aim to educate and inform people about the benefits of working out and having a healthy lifestyle (eat well, meditate, move often…) with deeper reasons and no just tell them what to do. Best and long-lasting motivation and change come from within : if you understand why and make it something to look forward to not just as a mean to an external goal, it will become a lifestyle.

I believe in constantly learning and using my knowledge to help as many others as possible. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to become certified as Personal Trainer.

I learned that what you give will certainly be returned to you.

PRIVatE training / small GROUPS / COMPANIES

I develop personalized training sessions, including nutritional guidance, specifically for you and your needs to help you meet your fitness goals. I work with private clients, small groupes and companies.

Those training sessions aremainly functional training (body weight) and metabolic conditioning circuits (Bootcamps, HIIT -High Intensity Interval Training). Functional training is training our bodies to better perform what we do in everyday life, like lifting boxes, carrying grocery bags, or climbing stairs.

This type of interval training entails alternating a circuit of high intensity exercises with relatively short periods of rest. Metabolic circuits are particularly good for inscreasing cardio, losing body fat, developing lean muscular mass (especially fast-twitch muscle fibers, in charge of power), and increasing your metabolic rate (improves storage and delivery of energy in the body)

Metabolic circuits are time-efficent, can adjust to any fitness level, and allow you to get convincing results quickly, in order to reach your goals (aesthetics and/or athletic).

One of my core beliefs regarding training is that you need to develop both strength and balance in order to achieve your maximum fitness potential. That's the reason why I like to add, over progression, proprioceptively enriched (unstable yet controlled) exercises, in order to make your muscles adapt to this new environment.

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Indoors or out cycling is a highly effective cardio and strength workout. Not only will your lungs be pumping, you'll also work your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and also your arms and your core.

Don't have the opportunity to ride outdoors or looking for a more original cycling workout? Try an indoor cycling class !

The concept is simple but original : about thirty people ready to ride on a stationary bike in a dark room with candle light only, and to the beat of both fun and motivating music. You will workout all your muscles during 45 minutes. The goal is to have fun and challenge yourself to leave the class full of energy !

I guarantee you fun, and between 500 and 900 calories burnt in the process ! You don't have anything to loose, give it a try and come ride with me!

If you still have doubts, read this article of Well+Good, a magazine summing up tips about fitness, health and wellness, talking about my class.

To book your ride session with me, go on Kiwill's website (first class on April 18)




This method is inspired by my own trainings - I like to mix a variety of disciplines and fitness genres in my workouts.

This class is a blend of both yoga poses and flows and strength training, during an hour to create an efficient and cohesive workout. It is for all fitness levels.

Throughout the class, you move mindfully, understand your limits, and try to challenge yourself. We put the focus on core muscles: we call them "core" because they are the underlying muscles located closer to the skeleton. Therefore, they are the foundation for the body and the posture.

Move your flow allows you to find balance both in your mind and in your body, while you really make your muscles work.
You will leave feeling energized and strong!

I give this class on the occasion of special events or for personal training sessions. If you want to know the next dates of special events, follow my Instagram page where I will be annoucing them. If you are interested in doing PT sessions with this workout, contact me (contact form below or directly on Instagram)!



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